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The EZ-PlateStacker Team brings 30 to 40 years of culinary production and service experience, product development and technology manufacturing know-how to work for you.

Co-Invented by an executive chef and a seasoned caterer/service manager, Thierry LeFeuvre and Thierry Mace were inspired to the solution through necessity and creativity.

Thierry LeFeuvre is founding partner and general manager at Froggy’s French Restaurant along with long-time partner Bill Cartwright.  LeFeuvre studied cooking in Paris and then after being the chef for Tahiti’s Governor some years, traveled Vancouver, Montreal and settled into Chicago shortly thereafter opening Froggy’s.

Thierry Mace is founding owner of Froggy’s Catering since 1987, and drives the customer services and events management team bringing world class dining experience “on location”!   A studied Hoteliere with extensive experience through Europe, Mace provides the food service experience to the development of the EZ-PlateStacker product.

The family of Froggy’s businesses (Café/Restaurant, Catering, Bakery) have been serving Chicagoland and national (even some global) customers for almost 40 years.

Joined by James & Jinyi Fiocchi and John-Michael Ermel in the early days from initial product design, prototypes, redesign, testing …. We have brought to market The Professional Grade serving plate stacking solution.

James Fiocchi brings more than 30 years of product engineering and manufacturing experience and is responsible for production and manufacturing.  Having studied engineering and as founder and president of Box Enclosures, Inc and J&J Products, the team benefits from his extensive production experience and resources including global sourcing and logistics.

Jinyi Fiochi plays a central role in our overseas production and suppliers, and is supplier and sourcing manager for the J&J Products portfolio.

In his youth, J-M Ermel worked in the culinary arts including becoming production chef and managing or opening some restaurant for others, and launched then sold the Wine & Dine magazine upon reaching more than 23,000 circulation. 

Upon studying engineering and technical communications and spending a couple intensive corporate decades in marketing, corporate sales, outsourced technology services, new venture/product startup, his primary focus last decade has been on the ermel.biz family of companies, technology applications, new product launch and business development.

Bill Cartwright has been part of our collective business experiences and provides corporate and strategic services as part of the Founder’s Team.  Naturally renowned from his tenure as vital member of the multiple World Champion winning Chicago Bulls basketball team, Cartwright today focuses most of his time on director of university initiatives at the University San Francisco, CA.

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