The Space Solution

Saving Space is Critical

This product was designed by an executive chef and caterer specifically for restaurants, hotels/resorts, country clubs, catering companies, private event facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, cafeterias, corporate dining facilities, and other venues serving large to very large groups.

WHY- Save in Space, Time, Stress and Ease of Use !

Because space is precious and sometimes not available. The current alternative is to either prepare all your plates “on the fly” meaning one after another during servicing or beforehand and then hold them for when you need them.

Generally the “on the fly” process is reserved for the very hot plates such as main course, and clearly some dishes cannot be plated in advance and held warm. But some can!

The EZ-PlateStacker system will reduce your overall “footprint” space requirement by as many plates as you stack. Imagine saving 5X or 10X the space you need!

Pricing per QTY Packs

9 units           $ 29.95
24 units         $ 33.95

Accepting all major credit cards

48 qty                $ 59.95
96 qty              $ 99.-
≥ 270 qty        $ 279.-

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